About Treatment

Medicine is safe

Completely herbal, and no need to worry about the side effects.
It is never too late to take your new steps for better kidneys.

Searching through the Ancient Indian Books related to Ayurveda and many more herbal books, and going through the properties, we have selected so many herbs which are having the quality of rejuvenating the kidneys even if in damaged condition. You can experience this, by having our medicine, day by day. The set of medicines as a whole, improve the immunity power, urinary system and digestive system. Going through your positive reports, Live life with healthy kidneys.

Generally, it is said that the kidneys once damaged cannot be recovered, but Nature (Ayurveda) has given humans the advantage of recovering of kidneys (not only kidneys but every organ in the body) through herbs with proper treatment. This can be felt only after experiencing the medication.

It is suggested to go for statistics, before and after our medication, which improves your confidence and you feel the experience of ‘NEW LIFE with NEW KIDNEYS’

Our clients valuable comments

I got my creatinine normal within 3 and half months

“ I had Creatinine 5.7 on 07 Dec 2010, showed 0.94 on 04 Jan 2011”