My friend’s father (age 82) avoided dialysis & started to use the medicine & in 15 days he recovered. Dr. Mahadev Siddappa Patil not only treated kidneys, but also gave medicine for well being of the aged person.

We learnt many things from Dr. Mahadev Siddappa Patil. Charan Tej (now age 18) had kidney problem from last 14 years. Within 15 days I could feel the change. Charan Tej was referred by Mr Yugandhar Reddy, Scientist, Conservative Energies

My physical appearance changed to better, after starting the medicine. Previously At present

“ I had Creatinine 5.7 on 07 Dec 2010, showed 0.94 on 04 Jan 2011”

I got my creatinine normal within 3 and half months