Kidney Failure

Treat with Herbs!

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Good Results

Specially to the Early Stages of Kidney Failure Patients

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Kidney Rejuvenator

Lets believe in Nature. No dialysis & no kidney transplantation.

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Hello World of Kidney Failure Patients

No need to go for dialysis to the patients who have not yet started the dialysis and the ones who have started their dialysis recently, is possible to stop the dialysis in coming months. Keep away the thought of kidney transplantation from your mind.

This herbal composition works as a kidney rejuvenator, the kidney function gets rectified and you will feel the improvements slowly day by day.

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Herbal Treatment

To give new life to your failing or already failed kidneys.

Our Medicine not only treats Kidneys, it helps you improve your


Earlier done 4 dialysis, started this medicines from 12 Apr 2015, now my creatinine is 0.9 in the month of Dec 2015, have not gone for dialysis till today

Dr R Venugopal

I took medicine for my father Krishnarao aged 72, who was on dialysis for the last two months. Started this medicines from 10 Jan 2015, and stopped dialysis from May 2015, till today.

Advocate Vijay K Shambharkar

Visited Dr. Mahadev Siddappa Patil on Dec 8, 2014 & started his medicine. Till this day I have not gone for dialysis.

Ramesh N B

Health Tips


Buttermilk, in Ayurveda, is called ‘Amrit’ on this Earth, those who drink buttermilk daily after noon meals, keep their appetite well, and are away from stomach problems. You may add jeera, sendha namak (rock salt), garlic, coriander seeds, for the betterment of appetite and taste. Don’t take curd and buttermilk…

Meal to Meal Time Gap

Keep sufficient gap to digest well, between two meals. Don’t take tea, coffee or any beverages, between two meals, as these disturb the digestion and may lead to acidity, indigestion, gastric troubles, increase heat in the body, may lead to piles problem.

Drink water

Drinking water early in the morning, before or after brushing, to about 1.5 liters (those who are advised to consume less water) may take even less quantity or as much as they need, helps to remove toxins from the body, called ‘Ushah Paan’ (Water Therapy) in Ayurveda, and so many…